Discover Japan by Luxury Train

Japan is always pushing the boundaries of luxury travel. Embark on a twelve-day journey that combines must-see destinations in Tokyo and Kyoto with an exclusive luxury train journey through Japan’s southern Kyushu region.

Booking availability for this journey is extremely limited. Please see dates below and contact The Art of Travel with your inquiries as early as possible.

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Trip Details

Trip Length: 12 days / 11 nights (customizable)

Number of guests: 2 adults.

Fly into either of Tokyo’s airports, Narita or Haneda.

Depart from Osaka (Kansai International) or Tokyo.

Perfect for:

  • Luxury travelers looking for an ultra-exclusive experience with very limited availability.

  • Couples who wish to discover a scenic region of Japan with a unique culture and history.

  • Fans of classic rail travel and dynamic scenery.

Trip Dates:

  • Please contact us for availability and pricing

    • This trip is customizable and is not a packaged tour.




The Pinnacle of Modernity

3 nights


Food and Fun on the Coast

2 nights


Seven Stars Luxury Train

3 nights

Fushimi Inari shrine tunnel in kyoto

The Ancient Cultural Capital

3 nights


Seven Stars Luxury Train in Kyushu

The interior of Seven Stars Luxury Train is just as captivating as the scenery rushing past outside. Each area of the train is designed to feel as comfortable and visibly appealing any five star hotel. All rooms are suites with their own bathroom, shower, and air conditioning.

To be a guest on this magnificent train is to be surrounded by fine craftsmanship and warm hospitality.

Learn more about this special train on our Stories blog.


Trip Highlights


Luxury Train Travel
The Seven Stars Luxury Train, has quickly become one of Japan’s most sought-after experiences. Inspired by the charm of Old World rail travel, it exudes a sense of understated luxury.


A Deeper Look
Along your journey, you’ll be treated to stunning views of coast and mountains. Disembark for sightseeing excursions at key cultural spots that will ensure you fall in love with Kyushu.


Local Cuisine
Meals on the train are designed by famous local chefs and draw upon the ingredients and flavors of the region. Several meals are enjoyed in exclusive settings on land as well.


Beyond Kyushu
Your time on the luxury train is only a portion of your journey. This Insider Journey includes visits to Tokyo and Kyoto as well, allowing for even more insight into Japanese culture.


Additional Accommodations

Below are some of our suggested luxury accommodations for the non-train portions this Insider Journey.


Palace Hotel



Grand Hyatt


four sesaons kyoto.jpg

Four Seasons



Schedule and Pricing

Luxury train bookings are available only at specific times throughout year.

The Art of Travel has crafted a full itinerary that includes visits to Tokyo, Kyoto, and Fukuoka to complement the train portion of the trip, but a fully customized itinerary can be created as well.

Please contact us using the form below for more details about this limited offer.



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