Tastes of Japan

Sushi, ramen, tempura, Kobe beef, matcha; Japan is an internationally renowned food-lover’s paradise. Practice your chopstick skills and loosen your belt, because this insider trip will leave you asking for seconds.

Sample Japan’s most famous dishes and broaden your palate with some lesser-known items. Meals like Zen vegetarian shojin ryori cuisine or a lunch of casual streetfood are unique ways to get in touch with local flavors you can’t find overseas.

The difference between urban and rural cuisine is a focus of this trip, taking you into the countryside where you’ll see a slower – but equally delicious – side to local life. You’ll even have a chance to learn how to prepare your own homestyle Japanese meal in a cooking class taught by pros. Itadakimasu!


Trip Details

Trip Length: 13 days / 12 nights

Fly into either of Tokyo’s airports, Narita or Haneda.

Depart from Osaka (Kansai Intl Airport) or Tokyo.

Perfect for:

  • Foodies and #foodbloggers of all ages.

  • Travelers who love to discover a country’s culture through food.

When to Visit:

  • Japan’s cuisine changes with the season. Talk to us about your travel dates to see what special foods may be available during your time in Japan.




Flavor of the Capital

4 nights

takayama shirakawa go

Savor the Countryside

1 night


Cuisine on the Coast

2 nights

Kyoto square.jpg

Classic Refined Tastes

4 nights


”Japan’s Kitchen”

1 night




Culinary Variety
A grand menu awaits: ramen, takoyaki, tofu, tempura, beef, sushi, formal kaiseki, casual streetfood, and delicate shojin ryori Zen cuisine. You’ll sample it all on this delicious trip.


Hands on with the Pros
Learn to appreciate the detail and thought that goes into Japanese food and drink with a homestyle cooking lesson and a sake tasting session with a highly qualified expert.

matcha tea tools

A Dash of High Culture
Witness the tea ceremony performed by our in-house tea expert to learn how matcha is part of the soul of Kyoto, and enjoy a private meeting with a young geisha-in-training.


All-Inclusive Luxury
Private guides and chauffeured vehicles ensure smooth travel and sightseeing. Let our seasoned guides show you their favorite eateries that only the locals know.



We’ve selected hotels that offer the comfort, space, and luxury that your family deserves.

Below are some of our suggested luxury accommodations for this Insider Journey.


Palace Hotel



Hanaougi Ryokan



The Ritz-Carlton



Conrad Hotel



Pricing and Budget

Japan Insider Collection trips start at approximately 800 USD per person per day. Selected elements of these itineraries can be adjusted to suit your traveling preferences:


- Accommodation: Choose from 4-star, 5-star, or boutique level accommodations

- Transport: Select public or private transportation, or a mix of the two

- Experiences: Add or substitute experiences and activities


Pricing can also vary based on levels of service, seasonality, time of inquiry, and other factors. All itineraries and price quotes are uniquely tailored to our guests, so the only exact price will be the one you receive on your personalized quotation.



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