Old and New:
Japan Through the Ages

Japan is a land of fascinating contrasts, and none stand out as much as the distinction between tradition and modernity. The Art of Travel has crafted an insider journey that takes guests from the ancient backstreets of Kyoto, through the postwar boom in Osaka and Hiroshima, to Tokyo's futuristic metropolitan sprawl - with some thought-provoking and surprising stops along the way. Visitors will find that the ancient and the modern go hand in hand in Japan, and the interplay between the two can be the most fascinating part of the country's long history.

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Trip Details

Trip Length: 14 days / 13 nights

Fly into either of Tokyo’s airports, Narita or Haneda.

Depart from Osaka (Kansai International) or Tokyo.

Perfect for:

  • Lovers of history and culture

  • First timers or returning visitors

When to Visit:

  • The included visit to Kanazawa means cold temps and possibly snow in winter months, but this itinerary is enjoyable in any season.




The Pinnacle of Modernity

3 nights


History Among Nature

1 day

Kyoto square.jpg

The Ancient Capital

3 nights

kanazawa higashichaya street

Tradition and Charm

2 nights


The Postwar Marvel

2 nights

hiroshima atomic dome

Past Shadow, Future Light

1 night



Japan kanazawa station wood metal

A Well-Rounded Perspective
With a balance between the modern and the traditional, this Insider Journey is especially nuanced. We’ve selected our favorite sites in each city to give depth to Japan’s history.

Night view of Kenrokuen Garden in winter

Beyond Simply Sightseeing
Enjoy a walk back in time with our resident Kanazawa historian, marvel at modernist architecture in Osaka, and sense the deep cultural roots of the nation in Kyoto’s temples and gardens.


A Sumptuous Ryokan Experience
End the trip with a night in Hakone to indulge in kaiseki cuisine and legendary omotenashi hospitality. Relax in the outdoor hot springs as you contemplate your journey.


All-Inclusive Luxury
Private guides and chauffeured vehicles in each city to ensure comfort and privacy. Accommodations are flexible with 5-star, 4-star, and boutique options available.



We’ve selected the finest in luxury lodging for this tour through Japan’s most important cities.

Below are some of our suggested luxury accommodations for this Insider Journey.

Palace Hotel Tokyo Exterior with Tatsumi Watchtower

Palace Hotel



Gora Byakudan



Iwaso Ryokan



The Ritz-Carlton



Conrad Hotel



Pricing and Budget

Japan Insider Collection trips start at approximately 800 USD per person per day. Selected elements of these itineraries can be adjusted to suit your traveling preferences:


- Accommodation: Choose from 4-star, 5-star, or boutique level accommodations

- Transport: Select public or private transportation, or a mix of the two

- Experiences: Add or substitute experiences and activities


Pricing can also vary based on levels of service, seasonality, time of inquiry, and other factors. All itineraries and price quotes are uniquely tailored to our guests, so the only exact price will be the one you receive on your personalized quotation.



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