Honeymoon in Japan

A honeymoon needs to be perfect, and The Art of Travel is ready to show newlyweds just how perfectly romantic Japan can be.

We’ve assembled the ideal balance of city and countryside locations for this 10-day adventure, with an emphasis on romantic privacy, memorable luxury accommodations, and leisure time to use freely in each city. A few unique cultural activities are specially selected to show how Japanese couples honor a new romantic union.

Celebrate like a local and discover why Japan is an ideal honeymoon destination.


Trip Details

Trip Length: 10 days / 9 nights

Fly into either of Tokyo’s airports, Narita or Haneda.

Depart from Osaka (Kansai International) or Tokyo.

Perfect for:

  • Honeymooners and couples of all ages

  • Couples who wish to experience Japan as part of a multi-destination Asian honeymoon

When to Visit:

  • Any season is perfect for a honeymoon in Japan, but warmer months will ensure your stay on the coast is all the more enjoyable.




Youthful Modern Excitement

3 nights


Land of the Gods

2 nights

Kyoto square.jpg

The Ancient Cultural Capital

3 nights

Japan’s Friendliest City

1 night




Kimono Wedding Photoshoot
Dress up in the finest traditional wear at a high-end kimono studio and capture the moment with a professional photographer in a nearby traditional garden or Shinto shrine.


Memorable Moments
Enjoy a tea ceremony, a calligraphy lesson, and a visit to the famous “wedded rocks” off the coast. In Kyoto, receive the favor of the gods at a local shrine in a short wedding blessing.

amanemu resort spa bath

Indulgent Relaxation
A key part of the honeymoon is a 2 night stay in a private villa on the grounds of a secluded coastal resort. Stunning scenic views and couple’s spa treatments await.

shrine ema wishboards

Privacy and Luxury
Private guides and chauffeured vehicles let the happy couple focus on each other, not travel details. Enjoy a formal kaiseki dinner at one of our favorite traditional Kyoto restaurants.



Our honeymoon selection of lodgings focus on once-in-a-lifetime opulence and privacy.

Below are some of our suggested luxury accommodations for this Insider Journey.


Palace Hotel






The Ritz-Carlton



Conrad Osaka



Pricing and Budget

Japan Insider Collection trips start at approximately 800 USD per person per day. Selected elements of these itineraries can be adjusted to suit your traveling preferences:


- Accommodation: Choose from 4-star, 5-star, or boutique level accommodations

- Transport: Select public or private transportation, or a mix of the two

- Experiences: Add or substitute experiences and activities


Pricing can also vary based on levels of service, seasonality, time of inquiry, and other factors. All itineraries and price quotes are uniquely tailored to our guests, so the only exact price will be the one you receive on your personalized quotation.



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