Family Adventure in Japan

Japan offers exciting perspectives for all ages. With a rich culture and engaging practical activities, there are ample opportunities to keep the whole family entertained.

Our Family Adventure itinerary ensures that parents and children alike enjoy exploring Japan’s unique nature, art, food, and culture. From hands-on crafts to memorable animal encounters, you are guaranteed an unforgettable two weeks of traveling. This trip is perfect for parents who are eager to expose their children to new ideas, tastes, and ways of life.

The itinerary is designed for families with children in middle school and up. For guests with younger children, please contact The Art of Travel to design a customized journey.

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Trip Details

Trip Length: 13 days / 12 nights

Fly into either of Tokyo’s airports, Narita or Haneda.

Depart from Osaka (Kansai International) or Tokyo.

Perfect for:

  • Families visiting Japan for the first time.

  • Parents looking to expose their kids to new cultures and spend quality time together.

When to Visit:

  • Any season is perfect for a family adventure in Japan. The school summer holidays are an ideal time to travel as it is Low Season for this itinerary.




The Dazzling Metropolis

3 nights


Overnight Nature Getaway

1 night

Kyoto square.jpg

The Ancient Capital

3 nights


Urban Excitement

2 nights


Deer and Buddhas

1 day

japan fuji five lakes

Fuji Five Lakes
The Relaxing Finale

2 nights



bamboo arashiyama kyoto

Engaging Variety
Enjoy the best destinations for kids, with plenty of unique sights and experiences. This isn’t a your typical museum vacation; kids will learn and grow while having fun.


Family Activities
With experiences like hands-on crafts, hiking, cooking, cave exploration, and art appreciation, there will be plenty of chances for memorable moments and family bonding.

tokyo temple gate

A Moment Apart
For one afternoon in Kyoto, parents are given the option of enjoying a private sake tasting activity led by an expert, while the kids enjoy a leisurely bike tour through the city.


All-Inclusive Luxury
Private guides and chauffeured vehicles in each city ensure smooth travel and sightseeing. Focus on making those family memories, not worrying about logistics.



We’ve selected hotels that offer the comfort, space, and luxury that your family deserves.

Below are some of our suggested luxury accommodations for this Insider Journey.


Palace Hotel



Hoshinoya KAI



The Ritz-Carlton



Hoshinoya Fuji

Fuji Five Lakes


Pricing and Budget

Japan Insider Collection trips start at approximately 800 USD per person per day. Selected elements of these itineraries can be adjusted to suit your traveling preferences:


- Accommodation: Choose from 4-star, 5-star, or boutique level accommodations

- Transport: Select public or private transportation, or a mix of the two

- Experiences: Add or substitute experiences and activities


Pricing can also vary based on levels of service, seasonality, time of inquiry, and other factors. All itineraries and price quotes are uniquely tailored to our guests, so the only exact price will be the one you receive on your personalized quotation.



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