Since 2013, we’ve perfected the art of handcrafted personalized journeys showcasing the rich culture and world-famous hospitality that Japan has to offer. No matter what sort of Japan experience you are seeking, The Art of Travel can provide it with a level of luxury and service that will delight and surprise you.

As a full-service tour operator, the Art of Travel specializes in all-inclusive luxury trips to Japan including accommodation, private transportation, and guided touring and experiences. Typically we require a minimum of 5 days of guided touring to accept inquiries.

Japan Custom Journeys is only one of two ways to travel with us. We also offer our Japan Insider Collection for those who want a simplified travel planning experience.


Luxury as a Focus

Luxury travel has a number of important elements: sumptuous comfort, respectful privacy, top-class service, and an attention to detail that constantly exceeds all expectations. No matter what your luxury preference may be - from understated elegance to ultra white glove treatment - The Art of travel can deliver it with our Japan Custom Journey service.

Furthermore, our guests are in for a treat when visiting Japan, as luxury here is taken to a whole new level. We recognize that the unique Japanese concept of luxury is infused with traditional omotenashi - hospitality with a warm, personal touch. The Art of Travel offers trips that let travelers discover how Japanese luxury is a cut above the rest, and unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else.


The Finest Accommodations


From the soaring skyscrapers of Tokyo to hidden coastal resorts, The Art of Travel invites guests to experience the finest in over-the-top luxury and Japan’s legendary omotenashi hospitality at some of Asia’s most enticing five-star accommodations.


Mandarin Oriental


Hotel Gajoen




Enjoying a night or two at a ryokan - a traditional Japanese inn - should be a part of every Japan vacation. The Art of Travel has curated a wide selection of ryokan that offer unparalleled comfort, service, and authenticity. Stay in a rustic thatched-roof cottage that has been transformed into a private luxury villa, or enjoy the comfort of a hot spring getaway in the countryside.



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Personalized Experiences

Our Japan Custom Journeys are just that: highly personalized vacations that deliver an experience tailored to the individual traveler.

The Art of Travel prioritizes making sure that each trip is unique to your passions and needs. We draw upon the knowledge of our team of Luxury Travel Consultants, an experienced group of both Japanese and foreign experts whose approach to designing luxury travel is based in professionalism, creativity, and flexibility.

No matter where your interests may lie, we can construct a memorable vacation around how you want to experience Japan.


Unparalleled Exclusivity

A vacation by The Art of Travel is unlike any other. All of the activities that we feature are unique and memorable, but we strive to take our high end experiences even a step further to please our guests. Our established roots in the Japanese art and culture scene allow us to share exclusive opportunities for guests to connect with Japan on a level that is impossible elsewhere.

Below are just a few of our favorite exclusive activities that we enjoy sharing with our guests.


Enjoy a behind the scenes look at some of Japan’s finest traditional crafts. Enter studios where pottery, swords, and maki-e gold lacquerware are produced. Exclusive access to these master artisans is available nowhere else.


Noh Theater remains the oldest form of performing arts still practiced in the world today. Enjoy a performance and then go backstage at a Noh theater to meet the actors and examine the wooden masks they wear.

Explore the world of tea culture in Kyoto as our in-house tea master hosts your exclusive tea ceremony in a traditional setting. Go even deeper with cultural activities like calligraphy lessons and incense appreciation.


Deposit and Payment

Once we’ve established your interests and needs and an initial outline of your trip has been agreed upon, we request a 50,000 yen Customization Deposit, which is later deducted from the total trip cost. This deposit provides the following benefits:


- Ensures that you are prioritized as a committed client.

- Connects you to our dedicated Luxury Travel Consulting Team.

- Grants access to our exclusive experts and unlisted experiences.


From there, our team works with you to build your ideal trip. You’ll receive an initial itinerary and price quote within three business days of your Customization Deposit payment. A 20% deposit on the total trip price is requested to begin booking accommodations, guides, and activities, and the remaining trip payment is due 30 days before travel date.

We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied. This commitment to excellence continues even after you arrive in Japan, where we are on call for you 24/7.


Communication Process

Your time is important to us. Our goal is to plan your trip without making you wait, and to keep you informed of the process.

When contacting us regarding a Japan Custom Journey, you’ll be put in touch with one of our Luxury Travel Consultants within one business day. After learning more about your trip details and travel style via email or phone consultation and paying a customization deposit, your consultant will deliver an itinerary and price quote within three to five business days. Of course, additional changes and fine tuning can continue to take place until you’re satisfied.


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