A "Rail Cruise" Around Kyushu

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All aboard.

Japan is consistently pushing the boundaries of luxury travel, and The Art of Travel has developed a spectacularly limited experience for a select group of high end travelers. This is a one-of-a-kind exclusive twelve day luxury journey includes Tokyo and Kyoto, but the highlight of the trip is a three night “rail cruise” around the southern island of Kyushu.


Passing through unrivaled natural landscapes and charming ports of call, the Seven Stars Luxury Train offers a new way to get in touch with the Japanese countryside while remaining ensconced in lavish comfort and savoring local culinary delights. Three nights aboard Japan’s most opulent rolling stock is sure to impress even the most well-heeled global jetsetter. Unlike anything you’ll experience elsewhere, the Seven Stars Luxury Train is the perfect combination of Japanese hospitality and the distinctive charm of classic rail travel.

A New Way to Experience Japan

The Seven Stars Luxury Train, launched in 2018, has quickly become one of Japan’s most sought-after experiences. With limited runs throughout the year, availability is extremely limited. The Art of Travel is proud to offer a very few number of spots on this exciting journey for the 2019 season.

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The Charm of Luxury

Upon boarding, a sense of understated luxury is immediately apparent. Inspired by the charm of Old World rail travel, the interior features wood paneling, plush upholstery, and a lighting design that exudes a warm sense of refined elegance.


All About The Details

The interior of Seven Stars Luxury Train is just as captivating as the scenery rushing past outside. Inlaid wood and decorative paneling in the local kumiko style adorns the cabins, with deep lacquer bring forth the rich grain of the wood. The finest Aritayaki ceramic pieces adorn the walls as well as the dining tables. To be a guest on this magnificent train is to be surrounded by fine craftsmanship and countless chances to be surprised by charming details.

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First Class Accommodations

Each room on Seven Stars train is designed to feel as comfortable and visibly appealing any any five star hotel. All rooms are suites with their own bathroom, shower, and air conditioning. Whether you pass the time relaxing in your room or choose to spend your waking hours in the public areas of the train, your suite remains your private home away from home for the duration of the journey.

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An Occasion of Note

When Seven Stars pulls into town, it’s not just a regular arrival. Locals turn out to wave flags and cheer; station crews put on their finest uniforms; schoolkids from the local kindergarten greet the train with a song. The local communities welcome this special train because they have a connection to it. Passengers are invited for sightseeing excursions to some of Kyushu’s most beloved local sites, making Seven Stars Luxury Train a way for Kyushu citizens to introduce travelers to their hometowns.


A Restaurant on Wheels

All of the food presented on the trip around Kyushu is locally sourced and inspired. Chefs from towns along the route design the meals with regional ingredients, making this four day journey a wonderful opportunity to dive into the culinary landscape of southern Japan. Some highlights include unique rice dishes, a bento lunch made from local vegetables, and even a delightful French-Japanese fusion dinner. Most meals are served on board, but a few are enjoyed in private settings off the train, such as one breakfast in a restaurant built on a station platform exclusively for Seven Stars passengers.

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Rolling Through Nature

As fantastic as the interior of the train is, don’t forget to look outside. The Seven Stars passes through some of Japan’s most jaw-droppingly gorgeous scenery. From the coast of Miyazaki to the volcanic caldera of Mt. Aso, the variety of scenery in Kyushu is sure to impress. The trip even includes a ride along the steep slopes and switchback tracks of the Hisatsu Line, ranked one of the top three most scenic routes in Japan.


A Labor of Love

The Seven Stars Luxury Train goes beyond all previous high end train experiences in Japan. The attention to hospitality and comfort make this particular train soar above all others. The designer of the train himself likens Seven Stars to a spaceship on a journey of discovery. See the above video to hear more voices from the staff and crew.


Adventures Beyond Kyushu

The Art of Travel has crafted a twelve day journey that bookends your time on Seven Stars Luxury Train with visits to the futuristic marvel of Tokyo and the cultural capital of Kyoto. Get a full taste of classic and modern Japan with this exclusive package offer. Additional custom itineraries built around your time on Seven Stars are also available.

Visit our limited time Japan Insider Collection page to learn more about this special opportunity to ride the Seven Stars Luxury train and experience Japan in a new, sophisticated way.


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