Kayotei Ryokan: Hospitality as an Art Form

kayotei ryokan room ishikawa

From somewhere, a tune is plucked on a shamisen in quiet, pleasing tones. Friendly smiles surround you in a room with smooth, earthly walls that exude a smell you’ve learned to identify as hinoki, a Japanese cyprus. You are put at ease immediately, and as your bags are collected and you are led to your room, you breathe a small sigh of relief.

You are home.

Hospitality in Its Purest Form

The thoughtfulness of Japanese customer service is unparalleled, but Kayotei takes this pride of hospitality—omotenashi—to the next level. With a genuine offering of human kindness and connection graciously passed to each guest, their gift of exceptional service is alone worth the stay. You will feel completely at ease staying at this beautiful inn, and even first-time visitors will get the distinct comfort of being at home.

Local Riches Harnessed

In a town barely touched by time, this traditional ryokan is surrounded by rich forests and nurturing gardens. The environment has fostered local crafts and cuisine, and all of nature seems to lovingly embrace the area. A river babbles nearby, and Kayotei goes above and beyond in harnessing the mountain town’s rivers and natural springs to produce its restorative baths.

kayotei ryokan bath ishikawa

Culinary delights here are punctuated with local flavors, starting with vegetables grown with sparkling-clean mountain water and fresh seafood caught in the neighboring Sea of Japan. Uniquely flavored Japanese yams and sweet rice cakes pounded with grass—paired, of course, with local sake brewed in the onsen town—offer accents of adventurous cuisine. After your time indoors, perhaps a riverside stroll is just what you need to pull yourself back into the moment…right before you settle into a hot, nourishing bath.

Many of the rooms at Kayotei have private outdoor baths exposed to the crisp mountain air. As with their communal counterparts, the private baths are fed with natural spring water believed since ancient times to promote mental and physical rejuvenation while curing ailments and boosting skin health.

No matter your goal when visiting Kayotei, you will leave refreshed, happy, and ready to return as soon as you can.

The Art of Travel is happy to arrange a stay at Kayotei for your Japan Custom Journey with us.

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