Crafting Your Trip

Personalized luxury itineraries to discover the essence of Japan.

Our approach to travel is different and distinguished. We know that it takes more than seeing the sights to really experience a country. Our Luxury Travel Consultants work to fine-tune a perfect experience for each guest. This includes curated destinations, highly trained expert guides, and access to exclusive experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.



Experts and Experiences

A sampling of our exclusive cultural actives


Enjoy a behind the scenes look at some of Japan’s finest traditional crafts. Enter studios where pottery, swords, and maki-e gold lacquerware are produced. Exclusive access to these master artisans is available nowhere else.


Noh Theater remains the oldest form of performing arts still practiced in the world today. Enjoy a performance and then go backstage at a Noh theater to meet the actors and examine the wooden masks they wear.


Explore the world of tea culture in Kyoto as our in-house tea master hosts your exclusive tea ceremony in a traditional setting. Go even deeper with cultural activities like calligraphy lessons and incense appreciation.

Dive into Japan’s liquid landscape with a private sake tasting with the guidance of our resident sake expert. Sample the alcohol on its own, or have the master arrange a perfectly paired meal to complement the sake.


Our Standards



The journey begins in planning – we pay close attention to guests’ interests and expectations to craft custom itineraries and help create memories that last a lifetime. Our exclusive experiences range from arts and culture to cuisine and architecture, and everything in between.



Our reputation is built around our in-depth knowledge of Japan. Our extensive network of experts reaches throughout the country to include everyone from artisans and architects to geishas and gardeners. This means we can offer authentic experiences and open doors to workshops and studios of artists and experts to whom no one else has access.



Japan is our home and our team has decades of combined experience living, working, and raising families here. The Art of Travel’s richness comes from our teams’ vast backgrounds and cultures and a shared commitment to promote Japan’s culture and ancient traditions through all our experiences.



Luxury Accommodations


From the soaring skyscrapers of Tokyo to hidden coastal resorts, The Art of Travel invites guests to experience the finest in over-the-top luxury and Japan’s legendary omotenashi hospitality at some of Asia’s most enticing five-star accommodations.


Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Peninsula Hotel Tokyo

Hotel Gajoen

Garden Terrace Suite_Livingroom.jpg

Ritz-Carlton Hotel


Amanemu Spa Resort



Enjoying a night or two at a ryokan - a traditional Japanese inn - should be a part of every Japan vacation. The Art of Travel has curated a wide selection of ryokan that offer unparalleled comfort, service, and authenticity. Stay in a rustic thatched-roof cottage that has been transformed into a private luxury villa, or enjoy the comfort of a hot spring getaway in the countryside.


Gora Byakudan Ryokan




Fufu Kawaguchiko
Fuji Five Lakes





Seasonal Variety

Always a great time to visit

Japan is land of seasonal distinctions, with each month offering unique opportunities to enjoy special food, events, celebrations, and weather. Cherry blossoms and autumn leaves draw the largest crowds, but winter and summer bring their own joys that many travelers often overlook. At The Art of Travel, we encourage guests to explore Japan during lesser-traveled seasons to make their own surprising and delightful discoveries away from the crowds.



From the slopes of the Japanese Alps to the rejuvenating waters of natural hot spring resorts, winter in Japan is all about beauty and pleasure. This year’s best fish and seafood along with incomparable snow sports make winter an ideal time to visit.



Cherry blossoms. The archetypal symbol of Japan, celebrated for their ephemeral beauty and joyous recognition of spring. Freshly harvested bamboo shoots, river fish, and crisp mountain vegetables also bring delicious smiles.



Nothing beats the heat like fresh handmade soba noodles served up with crisp tempura and locally grown vegetables - especially if it’s followed by a local festival involving a cast of thousands, dressed as feudal lords, samurai, and court ladies.



Autumn holds a special place in many hearts for the beauty of changing leaves, the return of favorite culinary treats, and some of the year’s most vibrant festivals.With falling leaves come mushrooms, chestnuts, shellfish and the first waves of fatty fish.


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