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Our approach to travel is different and distinguished. We know that it takes more than seeing the sights to really experience a country.

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Creating customized luxury journeys for our guests is our passion. In order to provide you with the best selection of luxury accommodation, expert guides, exclusive tours and VIP services available, it is essential to start the planning process early (6 months to a year is ideal),
especially if you are planning to come during peak seasons like spring (late March to early April) and autumn (October and November). Japan is now an extremely popular destination,
and the most unique ryokan and hotels, as well as our best guides, are in limited supply
during these seasons!


From 10th century temples to 21st century skyscrapers, Japan encompasses a vast spectrum of architecture. Take a walking tour with a prominent architect for an in-depth experience, or incorporate unique points of interest into your itinerary.
The Arts
Hidden studios, private workshops, selective galleries, renowned museums — whether contemporary or traditional art, our professional network reaches far and wide, including many working artisans. We can also arrange hands-on workshops and experiences in any of Japan’s traditional crafts.
Fish market auctions, sushi-making classes, sake breweries, Buddhist cooking, ramen slurping: Eating. Drinking.

Whether you want to enter an expert’s kitchen, check off Michelin stars, or discover unknown hotspots and upcoming talent, we know just where to make it happen.
From tea ceremonies and geisha performances to otaku culture and manga, Japan abounds in culture from every era. Explore with a local expert who knows all the best places to see and the most interesting people to meet.
Japan is home to some of the world’s most beautiful gardens (in Kyoto alone there are dozens).

Whether you simply enjoy strolling through carefully controlled beauty or have a deeper interest, we can introduce you to the country’s best. Spend some time with a local landscape artist or try your hand at bonsai or ikebana (flower arranging) with a devoted master.
From the introduction of Buddhism over 1500 years ago to 700 years of samurai and warlords to the opening of Japan to the West in the mid-19th century, there’s rarely been a dull moment. Much has been preserved in the castles, temples, museums and knowledge of our historians and expert guides who bring in all to life.
Performing Arts
Kabuki, Noh, Bunraku, Buto, Taiko, the songs and dances of Geisha; these are some of the better known forms of Japanese performance art. You can take in a show or meet a master, and if jazz or girl bands are more your style, we’ve got you covered there too.
The Japanese are passionate about nature and between cities and farms, the country has hundreds of national parks. Add to that the Japan Alps, the forests of Yakushima, the flowers everywhere, the beaches of Okinawa, and miles and miles of hiking and biking trails for every level, and you begin to see what the locals are so crazy about.
Shinto & Buddhism: the two pillars of faith in Japan, both dating back centuries, completely different and yet peacefully coexisting on both a physical and spiritual plane. Have a discussion with an abbott, experience zazen meditation, try “true” vegetarian cuisine; we offer many roads toward understanding.
From the tiniest shops hidden deep in the oldest neighborhoods to the all-out glamour of Tokyo’s famed fashion streets, Japan is a shopper’s paradise. Leave it to our local guides and shopping gurus to point you in the right direction.
Sumo. Baseball. Martial arts. Sword play. Archery Skiing. Snowboarding. Hiking. Biking. Whether you’re a spectator or a willing participant, Japan has sports for all ages and skill levels. We’ll get you access to the best tickets or find you the perfect teacher.


Certain regions of Japan are renowned for their natural hotsprings and over the last millennia, hundreds of inns have sprung up to take advantage of these restorative waters. Many of the high-end options offer private baths with each guestroom called rotenburo, a perfect way to experience these magical waters in complete privacy.
5-Star Hotels
Tokyo has perhaps more five star hotels than any city in Asia. From timeless elegance to edgy hip fusion, European ambience to classic charm, we know them and all are happy to suggest the best fit for your tastes. Elsewhere in Japan we’ll always find you the best options available.
It is possible to rent an entire house or villa in select regions throughout Japan. Kanazawa and Kyoto are two cities where 18th and 19th century traditional buildings have been renovated and modernized while still retaining all of their authentic charm. Niseko offers many options during ski season and through the summer.
The most famous temple stays are in Mt. Koya, where it is even possible to achieve a certain degree of luxury. But it’s possible to spend the night in a temple in nearly every corner of Japan, as long as you are willing to experience ‘authentic’ conditions and embrace the inherent romanticism of a true Zen experience.
Hokkaido and Okinawa lead the way when it comes to resorts, with skiing and beach activities taking center stage. In recent years other regions have embraced the resort concept, expanding their offerings to include excursions, activities and much more.


秋 Fall
Fall (aki), holds a special place in many hearts for the beauty of changing leaves, the return of favorite culinary treats, and some of the year’s most vibrant festivals.

With falling leaves come mushrooms, chestnuts, shellfish and the first waves of fatty fish. Cities throughout Japan celebrate with festivals large and small, each with a unique aspect.
冬 Winter
From the slopes of the Japanese Alps to the rejuvenating waters of natural hot spring resorts, winter in Japan is all about beauty and pleasure. This year’s best fish and seafood along with incomparable snow make winter an ideal time to visit.

In addition to seafood, winter is the time for aficionados of snow sports with world-class skiing and of course, Japan’s snow monkeys cavorting in their own private baths.
春 Spring
Cherry blossoms. The archetypal symbol of Japan, celebrated for their ephemeral beauty and joyous recognition of spring. Freshly harvested bamboo shoots and crisp mountain vegetables also bring smiles in this country where nature is still revered.

From a culinary perspective, spring is best known for the sudden proliferation of sansai, or mountain vegetables, often accompanied by freshly caught river fish.
夏 Summer
Nothing beats the heat like fresh handmade soba served up with crisp tempura and locally grown vegetables — especially if it’s followed by a local festival involving a cast of thousands, dressed as feudal lords, samura and court ladies!

Gelato has been perfected here utilizing locally sourced ingredients such as persimmon and sea salt; the perfect antidote to the steamy weather.
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Our services typically include 4-5 star accommodations, private vehicles and guides, first class trains and a selection of our unique and exclusive experiences. Note that our itineraries start from at least five days of guided sightseeing and activities as well as accompanying services and accommodations. The cost of our itineraries, on average, starts from USD 1,000-1,500, per person, per day.

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