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Useful information to help you think
about your trip to Japan.

Q. When is the best time to travel?

A. We believe that every season in Japan has some-
thing amazing to offer! In our planning pages you
can explore the different seasons and learn more
about the possibilities.

Q. Can I book my whole trip through you?

A. Yes of course! Whole trips are our specialization
and make the best use of your time and our knowl-
edge for cohesive planning.

Q. How does the planning process work?

A. You have two choices. You can proceed through
our planning pages, learning about the accommo-
dation options, the types of experiences we offer,
the best time to come, and end by sending us an
inquiry; or, you can simply contact us by phone
or email directly

Q. What kind of support can I expect once
I’m in Japan?

A. As a company based in Japan with native English-
speaking staff, we are available throughout your
trip. You’ll be given contact numbers with your
trip information prior to your arrival, and we’ll be 
checking in with you during the trip.

Q. Can you arrange our plane tickets?

A. Yes, we can take care of your air needs as well.

Q. How far in advance should I book?

A. Due to Japan’s popularity, we encourage you to
book as early as possible in order to assure the
most options for accommodations and experiences.
This is particularly true during peak seasons such
as fall, spring, and the New Year’s holidays.

Q. Do I need to have travel insurance?

A. Insurance is recommended. There are several
types of travel insurance available, and we encour-
age you to thoroughly explore your options.

Your home medical insurance may cover medical
expenses incurred while abroad and emergency
evacuation or repatriation, but policies vary widely.
You may want to purchase travel medical insurance
separately or as part of a comprehensive travel
insurance plan.

Q. Is Japan a good destination to bring children?

A. Absolutely! The Japanese love children, and there
are endless child-friendly places and activities all
around the country. The Art of Travel specializes
in family friendly travel for all ages, and will create
an itinerary enjoyable for everyone.

Q. Do you offer group tours?

A. We are pleased to work with  groups that come
to us such as multi-generational family trips, sets of
couples traveling for a specific purpose such as art
or food, and so on. We do not offer pre-arranged,
join-in group tours.