Founded in Japan

For an exclusive and curated travel experience, choose an organization with roots.

The Art of Travel is a Japan-based travel agency founded by Japanese and Americans from diverse professional backgrounds with a passion for Japan and its culture. We are dedicated to introducing the Japan’s distinctive history, art and culture to our guests.

Our team goes beyond sourcing experiences and curating trips in a quest to integrate travel with the arts, bringing guests into the workshops and studios of the artists and experts they collaborate with.








Our Team

The Art of Travel is comprised of artists, writers, and travel professionals, all passionate about Japan and authorities on Japanese culture.

Our exclusive network extends throughout Japan and includes renowned experts ranging from artisans and architects to geishas and gardeners.

We are recognized for our


We strive for excellence in every touch point with our clients and agents. You speak; we listen, learn, and always deliver.


Our reputation is built on our in-depth knowledge of Japan and intimate itineraries that put your client face-to-face with local specialists.


Our impressive itineraries attract a diverse clientele, and we have perfected the art of providing high net worth guests with superior services.


Japan is our home and between us we have decades of combined experience living, working, and raising our families here in Japan.


From the moment you contact us, we support you through the entirety of your client’s trip and beyond.